“Continuous Learning = Continuous Earning” 

At any time your Sales Pipeline (Funnel, if you like) is at serious risk. Especially these days, given rapid changing technologies, social networks and customer behaviours,  and last but not least customer loyalty going down.

With this as a backdrop, one good question to ask is: … How best to Stay On Top Of Your Game?

It’s simple but not easy: “Continuous Learning = Continuous Earning”


Many sales and marketing organisations are still relying on traditional tools, which were developed for a far more stable environment decades ago. Forecasts and pipeline management have always been the essentials in sales management. Why should you as an experienced executive bother about 2019? Well the world has changed and is changing faster than ever into a new normal, which is determined by uncertainty. Politics do very little to provide a stable environment for economic growth. Achievements in global trade agreements are suddenly questioned or even terminated. Brexit, Trump’s America First and many other examples could be used to illustrate why your customers are having problems to budget and plan. At the same time we are seeing more and more evidence how disruptive innovators are changing the game.

What does that all mean to you and you business? A lot, and it is not all bad news. All these changes do create massive opportunities. However, they do not appear in the traditional way. You need to be there when they are discussed as an “alternative” to the status quo. You need to be there when these ideas are shaping up and get challenged. You need to provide the convincing arguments and you need to prove the concepts. You need to contribute to a business plan, which shows little risk and massive customer value. You need to invest before you customer does. And, you need to do it wisely as even with all those necessary steps you will not win all your opportunities.

2019 will be a massive challenge – be sure you will like the year on your next x-mas party. We are here to support you – with workshops to get the attitude of your sales force right Clear agreement on “no excuses” and/or direct involvement dealing with your pipeline from lead generation to closing. With guidance to reimagine your marketing funnel to be fit for purpose with a new model for the B2B customer journey. With a never ending content Marketing Cycle which supports all stages from lead generation to closing:

Remember: It’s simple but not easy:  “Continuous Learning = Continuous Earning” 

 Inspired by my friend and mentor Hans Ouwerkerk