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Get on the AUTOBAHN to your markets

A business without customers cannot be successful – it will not even survive. If you want to reach out to the German speaking markets and/or establish your offering with the movers and shakers of the financial industry – then you better get on the Autobahn. Time is of essence in a competive environment. The Autobahn is the fastest and most efficient way to get there. But you need to know the local rules and understand the local map. An exit can allow a short cut or be a dead end road. Our style is agile and pragmatic – hands on and totally focused on measurable success. We know the Autobahn and we know how to use it. If you want to leverage our experience and our capabilities to speed up your business success please get in touch.

  • You are looking for a shortcut to the German speaking fintech market that will save you time and money?
  • You can leverage our network to build strong customer relationships – you will get faster into your targeted markets?
  • Our combined 30 years of experience will help you to understand market readiness and potential gaps – you will not have to waste time and/or money
  • Our approach will qualify opportunities and allow for a solid conversion rate into sales – you can focus your experts on the best chances

Neuhaus Business Development Experts

Business Development.

  • You want to find customers in the German speaking markets? Or, you need access to some key accounts in the financial industry?
  • You need a go-to market plan? Time is money. You have to be faster than your competition
  • You need to expose your offering to the local market? You want to verify your value proposition?
  • You need to generate leads and convert them into sales? You want to grow and foster your business?
  • We are specialized in pragmatic approaches and realistic planning. But it does not stop there – we are more than happy to implement and execute as well

Interim Management.

  • Your team is without leadership and/or without local management?
  • You want help to make your Vision, Mission and Strategy happen?
  • You need execution of your Business Plan with Effectiveness and Efficiency?
  • We can step in and manage your local business – immediately and with direct impact – no long preparation and introduction needed as we are used to be self starters


  • You want to sell in the German speaking markets – but you are not at the stage to justify the expense of a full time resource?
  • You don’t want to rely on random success from juniors?
  • You have opportunities but can only deal with them remotely?
  • You need local language expertise in any of the stages – Lead Selling, Missionary Selling, Presenting and Negotiating
  • We will manage your sales process – from cold calling to closing

Performance Reviews.

  • You are unsure if your team performs well enough?
  • You want a realistic review of your pipeline and forecasts based on local industry insight?
  • Your sales conversation rate is disappointing? Not enough leads become sales?
  • We will provide a sound reality check – we can benchmark your team against local and global competitors


  • You want to expand your sales team? Get the right candidates on board?
  • You want to staff a new project with the right people?
  • You are looking for an extended workbench?
  • We have access to a pool of high caliber talents


  • Your existing sales team is good – but it could be better. Prepared and equipped for modern, complex solution sales?
  • We will develop your team to be ready for the challenges of complex solution selling

Our Experience can be Yours

  • Competences: Big Ticket Sales – Sustainable Growth – Complex Solution Business – Alternative Sourcing Models – Sales Campaigns – Set up – Implementation – Monitoring – Team Management – Team Building – Mentoring – Coaching
  • Managerial Experience: Senior Management roles at world leading companies such as Reuters and Sungard – focus on Global Account Management – Multi Cultural – Multi Locations – Management of Diversity – with Personal Network on C-Level
  • Education at the Universities of Göttingen and Munich – Master in Business Affairs and Economics – International Management Programs such as University of Michigan, Goldman Foundation, Management Centre Europe – numerous Business Development and Sales Workshops (such as Richardson, Miller Heiman)

Hans Peter Neuhaus

Hans Peter Neuhaus

CEO and Founder

Time is money

This is why my process to engage with you is following exactly the same logic and rules that I am using with your clients – nothing but result driven. If you want to get in touch all I need is a short (5-10 lines) briefing – or you can just call.

The next step is a 15 minutes call to clarify, qualify and to establish joined understanding and expectations. If that works out you will receive a written offer in no more than two working days. The commercials are flexible ad based on a risk/reward paradigm.

The financial service industry has gone through the most significant changes ever. Regulatory changes and cost pressure allow for little breathing space in terms of traditional business development. Current surveys show that on average 2/3 of overall technology spend in the industry is used for “run the bank”. From the remaining third – the so called “change the bank” budget about 90% are needed for regulatory requirements.

The market is consolidating in terms of size, staff and budgets. Does that mean you cannot sell into that industry? No – of course you can sell but you have to do it in a different way. Sales cycles have become longer. Business decisions are not based on features and functions anymore but on real business benefits and impact on the cost-income-ratio. New sourcing models like managed services and SaaS are useful to create striking business cases. It has become more complex and more professional – and more rewarding as it allows differentiating. We know how to do it and we love it!


Business Development

Business Development

Go to market plans – market attractiveness studies – engineering of commercial models – alternative sourcing



Cold calling – lead generation – pipeline qualification – structured sales process – complex solution sales – closing techniques



Short term help – recruitment advice – second opinion interview

Interim Management

Interim Management

Sales management – territory management – key account management – global account management

Performance Reviews

Performance Reviews

Individual – teams – benchmarking – executable suggestions – review loops



Individual – teams – workshops on specific topics – long term programs with regular sessions

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